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I went to school to be an artist. In my passionate, young, wide-eyed mind I was just sure I would end up being the lead photographer for Vogue...we could have all guessed how that turned out. My career path did lead me to the entertainment industry, but just in a different way than I envisioned. I was still able to use my creative eye while working with young models and actors but focusing more on marketing and getting results. Fast forward 13 years later, now with children of my own, I decided to shift all of my creative energy from marketing young performers to the homes they live in.

I am a homebody. I get in the door, sit down, watch my kids chase each other squealing and think THIS is my happy place. Somehow, just entering my home generates a feeling of contentment, joy and a sense of belonging. My goal is to help you discover that same feeling. Whether it is finding a place to call “home” or letting go of the place where you have built years of memories, I want to be a support in the process.

Of course it is always awkward to write about yourself but if I had to ask past clients to sum up my character from their experience working with me they would say I am fiercely loyal, efficient, hard working, and really take joy in helping others succeed. I will work tirelessly to hold your hand throughout the process and together we will find YOUR happy place!

I invite you tocontact me to discuss your next steps.

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